Scott Harrison
Scarborough Centre Ward 17
On October 22nd 2018

Time and time again over the last eight years I continue to hear that Scarborough Center communities are not happy with their current trustee that was elected eight years ago”, it’s time for A Change…


Did you know the current School Board Trustee for Scarborough Centre, David Smith, pleaded guilty to breaking the Municipal Elections Act after the last election?  He was found guilty and fined.

Vote for SCOTT HARRISON; A vote for change

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Scarborough Parents Say...

Mar Kerr

Former Principal

Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts

As a retired principal of Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts, it’s my pleasure to offer my support for Scott Harrison as he runs for Trustee for the Toronto District School Board. Scott is a man of integrity with progressive ideas. His previous experience as a Trustee ensures that he well versed in the demands of the role, especially during chaotic times, while always displaying a genuine concern for the students and families in the riding in which he served. His commitment to serving his constituents, as well as the educators and administrators, is always professional and respectful. His attendance at Board meetings, expulsion hearing and committee meets was exemplary. There is no question in my mind that Scott represents the best opportunity for a representative at the Toronto District School Board who is genuinely concerned with the needs of the community!


Irene Atkinson, Former Chair of the School Board had this to say:

“Scott Harrison was an exemplarity Trustee, and has been sorely missed on the School Board. Scott worked hard and made a positive difference to schools.  He attended Board meetings in person (not on the telephone for a few minutes like the current trustee) and contributed to discussion of issues.  Scott supported the schools in his Ward and worked very hard for the required improvements.  He is 100% supportive of his community and their needs”.

I have been a volunteer member of George Peck School Council for the past 19 years; I’ve had the privilege of working with Scott when he was our Trustee (2000 thru 2010). I found him to be approachable, available, caring and very informative; he always kept us up to date with e-mail communications and Ward Forums; he also attended our school council meetings from time to time. Scott took a very pro-active role engaging parents; we were asked for input as a school council regarding Board decisions and policy/ procedural changes. The new front entrance area and office renovations would not have been possible without Scott’s assistance; Scott was able to secure additional funding for our new playground that we have today.

Angie Nanos
As a parent with a child about to enter the TDSB there are so many questions and a great need for answers. The fact that Scott has put together the information sessions and meetings to answer questions and provide much needed information is wonderful. What I was really impressed with was at the meetings not only were parents present, but educators and administrators. The breadth of participants really ensured that all types of questions could be answered by those actually delivering the services.
My first impression of Scott as a trustee is that he is pro-active, approachable, caring and walks his talk. I look forward to continued meetings, information and fun.
Yours Truly,
Samantha McGrath King
I have had the priviledge of dealing with Scott Harrison for many years. I generally contact Scott when I need clarification on a news item, disagree with a policy being put forth by the School Board, clarification on a school policy or just to understand where the board is going with our tax dollars. I applaud Scott for working diligently with parents and the school board to drive the developement of a new High School on the Bendale/Thomson land.
 Karen Johnston
I have know Scott Harrison for the past 7 years and in that time I have the utmost respect and admiration for him.Scott Harrison and I met through the Scarborough Parent Conference and since then I have noticed that he always plays an active role in his family of schools, the community and the Toronto District School Board.
This is a Trustee who is dedicated and committed to his position. Trustee Harrison has always shown faiurness and tact in sensitive matters. His ward forums have always been inclusive, energizing and informative. It is a pleasure for me to endorse Scott Harrison to fulfill another term in Ward 19
MaryAnn Amour

I have known Scott Harrison for several years now. I never cease to be amazed at the amount of effort he puts into carrying out his responsibilities as Trustee, considering that the compensation, compared to what our local government representatives are paid, makes the position practically voluntary in nature. Scott does not consider this a job but rather an obligation. He brings to his role as our elected representative for the TDSB an obvious dedication and passion, as well as an understanding that we are all here to serve, in the community sense, in whatever way we can, no matter how small our contribution. Scott's contribution and that of his family in general - his father, a former Metro Councillor, served the community for 30 years - happens to be rather large. He has been working locally as a firefighter for many years and was previously with Toronto Police.

Scott has a keen understanding of the workings of the Board and a grasp of the bigger picture with regard to helping children develop life skills as well as receive a good education. He has a never ending supply of energy and time, which he focuses on determining what's best for our community as whole, all the while being aware that it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time. Please support Scott in his sincere endeavours to achieve fair educational representation for the people of Scarborough Centre

Tom Rogers
Knob hill Ps

School Council Chair


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