Scott Harrison
Scarborough Centre Ward 17
On October 22nd 2018

Time and time again over the last eight years I continue to hear that Scarborough Center communities are not happy with their current trustee that was elected eight years ago”, it’s time for A Change…


Did you know the current School Board Trustee for Scarborough Centre, David Smith, pleaded guilty to breaking the Municipal Elections Act after the last election?  He was found guilty and fined.

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Questions Posted to Scott with his Replies

September 11th 2014

Dear Candidate Harrison,   

I am a concerned parent in Ward 19 and would like a few questions answered as you are running to be the next trustee of Ward 19.

1. In your opinion as a former trustee which specific schools have been left behind in terms of having new technology installed, resources replaced as needed and have just not been given the attention they deserve from the current school board trustee David Smith. What would you do to fix this imbalance.

I think it's important to point out, that when I was the trustee we had just completed the new science and technology rooms at Edgewood public school moving that type of delivery of education into the 21st century. It's my understanding that this program has not been delivered to any other elementary school; and this needs to change for the students.

It's also important to understand that many of our elementary schools (JK through grade 8) still do not have these types of science and technology rooms. And this needs to change!

Also in our middle schools many of the design and tech rooms are not being used; or least used to their full potential. This too needs to change; when I was a student at JS Woodsworth the school offered not only woodworking but also metal shops. These rooms are not being used the way they were designed for!

2. What would you do to ensure that our teachers in Ward 19 are willing and enthusiastic about staying after school to run academic after school clubs. Currently we have many sports related teams and activities however we do not have a real focus on academics after the school bell has run for extracurricular activities.

I think it's important to understand; it takes an outstanding principal at the school to recruit; assess and assist the teachers and the school; not only for the academics but also to promote afterschool programs within the teaching staff. Once again, when I was the trustee we had over the course of a few years 10 of Canada's outstanding principals in Ward 19 (3 in my last year 2010). So working with the school councils and the, superintendents, to help create the principal profile (to recruit outstanding principals) that the community would like to see their local school is a very important task for the trustee and the community to work together. This helps to inspire outstanding students within our schools.

3. What are your thoughts on how parent council should be run. How would you ensure that PIAC members attend school based council meetings.

The province of Ontario, has a guidebook for school councils; this is a resource that each and every member of the school councils should be provided with to assist them in their goals.

The opening letter in this guidebook states; as a school council member, you can help your council discover new and exciting ways to contribute to the education of students in your school. Education is a partnership involving parents, students, teachers, principals, school boards, government, and the community. Your involvement in the council gives you the opportunity to strengthen that partnership, and to be a part of a dedicated team working to ensure a high quality of education and an accountable education system for the children of your school. Your participation and make a difference!

As for the PIAC member, this person is selected (they volunteer) to represent the Ward and they are selected from the current school councils. And I think that part of the solution to having a PIAC member at school councils; this can be done through the Ward forums as well as I used to host a Scarborough parent conference. This conference, if elected I intend to bring back to the community as this was a very informative tool for parents.

4.  How would you increase before school and after school programs for children in kindergarten thru grade 5. The current trustee says that there is not enough room for these types of programs in schools. Do you feel the same way?

As for the afterschool programs, I think I addressed this in an earlier question. As for the before school programs, this would also be addressed in the same manner. But again, some of these before and after school programs can be run by outside agencies like the YMCA; where we would create partnerships within the local schools. I'm not sure why the current trustee, would make a comment that there's not enough space, as the space would be the classrooms and the gyms that would be used before and after school.

Another initiative that we had during my term as trustee, was the renovations of Lord Roberts Public-School. I was able to secure funding to redo and renovate the kindergarten rooms and  redo the front office space. Part of the renovations also included a community room in which the parent council were able to use; including , before and after school programs.

5. Why should I vote for you over the other candidates specifically the current trustee, the former principal and the other two candidates who would provide a fresh new ideas that have not already been tried.

As for your current trustee; who has had a very poor attendance record serving the community; so bad, that he was removed from a committee for lack of attendance. See below.

May 16th 2012 board meeting minutes

14. Operations and Facilities Management Committee Membership

The meeting considered the matter of Trustee Smith’s absence from three consecutive meetings

of the Operations and Facilities Management Committee in accordance with Bylaw 7.11.

Trustee Goodman, seconded by Trustee Kaplan moved: That the Board appoint a fifth

member to the Operations and Facilities Management Committee during a future meeting.

This is one of many reasons, but I think the major reason why no person should want to return this  current trustee representing the interests of the students and community in Scarborough Center Ward 19. It seems, from his lack of personal attendance, that he does not represent the community well.

As for the former principal, Marg Kerr; she was the principal at Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts while I was the trustee. And together we made many changes for the community and school. Marg, I think she is a very good person, but she is also a former employee of the school board.

As for the other two candidates, I don’t have any information about them.

As for myself, I have attached to this e-mail a letter that I sent to the community about our accomplishments while serving as the trustee. If elected, my commitment to you, and to the community is to carry on the work, as we did in the past; serving the students and community to the best of our ability.

Please feel free to call me any time, we can discuss in greater detail any more questions or concerns that you have.

Thanks in advance


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