Scott Harrison
Scarborough Centre Ward 17
On October 22nd 2018

Time and time again over the last eight years I continue to hear that Scarborough Center communities are not happy with their current trustee that was elected eight years ago”, it’s time for A Change…


Did you know the current School Board Trustee for Scarborough Centre, David Smith, pleaded guilty to breaking the Municipal Elections Act after the last election?  He was found guilty and fined.

Vote for SCOTT HARRISON; A vote for change

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Accomplishments while serving
as your Trustee
  • Successfully created the greatest number of ECO Schools per ward in the TDSB
  • Led the Area Review Committee (ARC) pilot that resulted in the TDSB's decision to build a new Secondary School in Scarborough Centre
  • Worked to reduce the user fees through the Community Use of Schools Task Force
  • Improved community use of schools through policy changes
  • Lead the Permit Task Force to have a more user friendly permit system
  • Led the change on Optional Attendance Policy
  • Brought the Risk Watch Program to our local schools supporting student safety


Scott is dedicated to improving the Public Education System

Member or past member of  the following TDSB Committees,Task Forces & Working Groups

ECO Task Force* Accountability & Finance Committee*Planning & Priorities Committee* Parent Involvement Advisory Committee or (PIAC)* Caretaking Workload Committee *Audit Committee * Learning Technology Work Group
* Parking Policy sub-committee *City/Board Pool Working Group

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